Voice Actor Heather Halley
Weapon Shotgun
Location Ingleton
"You think I'm scared of you with that big mouth and them stupid baggy pants and that sideways cap?"
—Elka, yelling at her neighbor Matt

Elka is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Elka is an elderly Slavic woman who has lived in Ingleton for the last 50 years. She was recently widowed when her husband Bogdan was killed by the zombies.

Love Thy NeighborEdit

In the side mission Love Thy Neighbor Nick is called to resolve an argument between Elka and her neighbor Matt. Matt wants to kill Elka and steal her food, and Elka wants to kill Matt to steal his guns. Nick needs to bring Elka five guns and bring Matt five food items to resolve their conflict.

If Elka is attacked during this mission, she will defect.


  • She is the first Slavic character introduced in the Dead Rising series, and is the only one seen.


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