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"From now on, you as good as kin in Elrod's book!"
—Elrod, regarding Chuck

Elrod Bumpkins is a survivor in Dead Rising 2. He is found in the Fortune City Arena with his wife Trixie-Lynn during the mission Barn Burner. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Barn Burner[]

Elrod Bumpkins and his wife Trixie-Lynn are trapped inside a dressing room after they set fire to the door, thinking it would keep the zombies out but not realizing it would keep them in as well.

As Chuck Greene approaches, Elrod calls for help. After putting out the fire with a fire extinguisher, Elrod and Trixie-Lynn thank him for rescuing them. Chuck then offers to bring them to the Safe House.