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Emanuel Tugman is a victim in the Dead Rising 2 mission Here Comes the Groom. He is the owner of the Swept Away Wedding Chapel, who was forced to act as a marriage officiant for his son, Randy Tugman and his hostage, and was killed afterward. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Here Comes the Groom[]

Emanuel was held hostage by his son, and is forced to marry him and Danni. He pleads for his son "Randall" to stop, but is forced to continue the ceremony. As Chuck walks into the hall, he cries for his help; This results in a distracted Randy accidentally killing him with his chainsaw when he turns around to face Chuck.


  • So far, Emanuel is the only character in the series to have been killed by one of his own family members.
  • In the PC files, including missions.txt, Emanuel's cinematic file is called "cine_jp". The "jp" may stand for justice of the peace, a type of judge which has marriage authority.
  • Emanuel is featured on the cover of the Gambling 3 magazine.
  • Emanuel can only be spawned in a standing position
  • Emanuel spawns with ropes in his hands leading to the floor
  • He is one of the only characters who is related to a Psychopath to not be one as well.