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Takahashi's Girlfriend
Actor Michi Nishijima
Allison Marie Volk (English VA)

Emily is Takahashi's girlfriend in Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun


Emily lives in the warehouse with Takahashi and his two goons . While the thugs beat and terrorize Shin and George, she is ordered to go through their belongings and steal whatever money they have.

After Shin is killed, the two underlings search for George while Emily pleads for Takahashi to forget about the crippled boy, only to receive a slap to the face. Her abusive boyfriend claims that she's only here to give Takahashi sexual favors.

While the men pummel George after they find him, Mary's group crashes into the warehouse, killing Emily along with the Dave. She later reanimates, and starts to wander around the warehouse with the rest of the zombies.

She gets separated from the rest of the horde, and finds her maimed and blind boyfriend. Not noticing she is a zombie, he does not flee, and she bites him in the crotch, killing him.