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The following is a list of all possible endings in Dead Rising.

There is a possibility of six different endings in Dead Rising. The ending that the player achieves varies by their actions through gameplay. The true ending is Ending A.

Ending AEdit

Solve all cases, talk to Isabela at 10 AM and be at the helipad on time.

Frank makes it to the helipad on time but can't find the helicopter. From another building, Ed sees Frank through binoculars and can't believe that he's made it. Ed, who can't wait to get his 'share of the take', starts up the helicopter and heads over to Frank. Frank sees him and excitedly calls to him. Meanwhile, a zombie that managed to get into the helicopter appears behind Ed and bites into his arm.

As Ed is seen fighting off the zombie, the helicopter zooms past Frank and crashes into the Clock Tower at Leisure Park. Frank falls to his knees, in defeat, while a bunch of zombies shuffle up behind him. (This is the canon ending, continued in Overtime Mode)

Ending BEdit

Don't solve all the cases but be at the helipad on time.

Ed lands the helicopter on the helipad and Frank runs inside and asks Ed if it's okay if there could be more 'passengers.' All the survivors Frank saved board the helicopter and leave the mall as a zombie comes and watches them fly away.

There are a confirmed THREE different dialogue options for this ending, depending on how many survivors the player has saved. (Minimum amount, moderate amount and maximum amount).

Ending CEdit

Solve all cases but don't talk to Isabela at 10 AM or solve all cases but don't reach the helipad in time.

Ed, on another building, looks through his binoculars to see if Frank made it. Ed can't find him and suggests he's dead. Meanwhile, a zombie sneaks up behind Ed and kills him.

Ending DEdit

Be a prisoner of the Special Forces when time runs out.

Frank struggles to get out of the Special Forces helicopter but one of them holds up a machine gun in front of him to stop him. The helicopter flies away from the mall with Frank as their prisoner.

Ending EEdit

Don't solve all of the cases and don't be at the helipad on time.

Ed lands the helicopter but can't find Frank. He is about to leave but Otis comes out and all the survivors board the helicopter and leave the mall while a zombie watches them leave.

Ending FEdit

Fail to collect all of Carlito's bombs during Case 7-2.

The bombs destroy the mall just as Carlito planned. The explosion sends the infectious parasites into the stratosphere, causing a nationwide epidemic.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a hidden ending where if Frank fails to gather the ingredients for the a temporary cure for his infection, he will begin to turn into a zombie and the game ends with a text.
  • In the Results menu, there is a survivor chart that shows all of the possible survivors. If their photos are lighted up, it means they are alive. if they are faded out, either they are dead, lost, or turned into a zombie.
    • In most of the endings except Ending B, Frank's photo is faded out, meaning that he did not survive or he was left behind.
    • Also in Ending A, which is the continuation of the game, Frank's photo is faded out, even though Frank is seen alive during this time.
    • In Ending F, the entire chart will be faded out as everyone died either due to the explosion or the zombie overrun.


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