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Eric Masters is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Eric can be found in the Uranus Zone theme park during the mission Quarter Circle to Forward.

Quarter Circle Forward[]

Eric was in Fortune City to participate in the video game tournament that was to take place. However the outbreak put an end to his plans and he managed to survive long enough by seeking shelter on top of the Rockets Red Glare stand in Uranus Zone. Upon seeing Frank, he shouts out that he needs help and is surrounded by "NPCs". He explains to Frank why he is in town and asks that he kill the zombies that have surrounded him. Once safe, he will agree to be escorted to the Safe House. After he is escorted, Eric awards $45,000 for his safety.

it's unknown if he survived in the original timeline but it's possible he did escaped when the zombies were free from their cage.


  • Avoid giving Eric a firearm as the recoil from shooting will knock him off his feet. Give him a melee weapon.
  • After joining Frank West for rescue, Frank says "I'm gonna guess you DON'T have a girlfriend." This is likely a reference to the common stereotypes of nerds being single.
  • Despite many notebook pictures being redone in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to reflect character appearances as they were depicted in Dead Rising 2, Eric has a photo that does not match his current appearance. In his picture, he is wearing a black jacket whereas he is donning a plaid shirt in-game.
  • his character might have been based on Maurice Moss from the British comedy series, The IT crowd since they wear the same clothes and have a similar speech pattern.