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"I am going to make my new clothes look so good! Thank you for your help."
—Erica, after being rescued

Erica Mayes is a survivor that is shopping in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 during the unannounced mission Shopping Spree.

Shopping Spree[]

Erica is found talking with Bessie and Rosa, in Kathy's Space in Royal Flush Plaza after 8am on the second day. She and her friends take advantage of the outbreak and are shopping in the line-less stores when they are found by Chuck. They claim that there is a sale and they are not leaving without their box of shoes, which Chuck must carry.


  • There are two women, seen fleeing in the Fortune City Arena during the cutscene between Chuck and the infected spectator, who share the same character model as Erica. This occurs again for the same cut-scene in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • Erica, along with Bessie and Rosa, does not appear in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • Erica, along with Rosa and Bessie, are some of the strongest female survivors in the game, and despite all the girls wearing heels, they're also some of the fastest female survivors in the game too.
    • Coincidentally, they share some similarities to another female trio group, that being the Fetching Females scoop.
      • Both groups require a specific quest to be reached in order to be recruited (i.e Chuck carrying the Box and Chuck paying $10,000)
      • Both groups do not defect if another member from their trio dies (although the aftermath of such result can be different.)
      • Both groups are all equally fast and all share a unique melee system when unarmed that can kill zombies in 1-2 hits (they're the only female groups/survivors that share this melee system.)
  • Like Bessie and Rosa, Erica doesn't follow Chucks waypoints or calls at all, her loyalties lie with the Shopping Valuables.
    • No matter how the Shopping Valuables are destroyed, like Bessie and Rosa, Erica will always defect from Chuck if they are ruined.
    • If you take Erica to another location without the Shopping Valuables, like Bessie and Rosa, Erica will just stand there and not move unless zombies are near for her to kill (if this is the case then you will have to go back to the Kathy's Space store where they spawn and get the Shopping Valuables back for Erica to move with Chuck again.
    • They're also the only group of survivors whose loyalty only lies within an item.
  • Erica will not Defect if Bessie or Rosa die.
    • But she will attack and verbally insult Chuck if he kills one of the girls but she wont defect.
    • Most of the time if Chuck kills a survivor in front of Rosa, she'll laugh at the dead survivor's body instead of being angry or cry over it (applies to Rosa and Bessie as well).
  • Chuck probably thinks that Erica is attractive as he wrote that she is easy on the eyes in her notebook summary.