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Europa Westinghouse is a survivor in Dead Rising 2. She is found near the elevators at the Fortune City Hotel. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, and is also involved in the mission Fortune City Botany Club.

Slave to Fashion[]

In Slave to Fashion Europa was in her hotel room at the Fortune City Hotel when the zombie outbreak at Fortune City started. While getting ice in her underwear, she was locked out of her room. Only then did she discover that she is in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

She is found hiding behind some plants near the elevators at the hotel. When Chuck Greene approaches her, she demands him not to look at her and explains her predicament. Chuck urges her to follow him to the Safe House, but she refuses to comply on account of the possibility that somebody might see her in her underwear. She finally concedes that if Chuck is dressed in his underwear as well, she will follow him.

Once Chuck changes into his underwear, Europa agrees to follow him. Upon moving from behind the plants, she complains that the floors are too cold and requests to be carried; however, she can still move around at a normal pace when not carried.

Fortune City Botany Club[]

Exclusive to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, in the mission Fortune City Botany Club, Europa begins to worry about a species of plant exclusively native to Fortune City. She requests Frank to rescue a specimen of it from The Cleroux Collection in the Palisades Mall, stating that Frank has to do so to save the ecosystem.