Everyone Knows Slappy
Location Kids' Choice Clothing in Palisades Mall
Start Time 12:00 PM, September 26th
End Time 3:00 AM, September 27th
Psychopath Brent Ernst
PP 20,000 (Psychopath Defeat)
"Chuck, it looks like there's someone in a mascot costume over by Kids' Choice Clothing in the Palisades. Please see if they're alright."
Stacey Forsythe

Everyone Knows Slappy is a mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record involving a psychotic mascot named Slappy portrayed by Brent Ernst who has gone crazy after his date for the evening, Louise Jameson, was killed by zombies from the outbreak.


Stacey has spotted a Kid's Choice Clothing mascot lying in a pool of blood in the Palisades Mall, and Chuck must go investigate it. Upon arriving to the store, the player must examine a dead mascot (Louise Jameson) to trigger a cutscene, after which Chuck must defeat the psychopath Brent Ernst.

Brent encounters Chuck and blames him for the outbreak, as seen on TV. Chuck tells him he didn't do it and that he shouldn't believe everything he sees on TV. Chuck tries to walk away, but Brent stalks him, prompting Chuck to ask if he's okay and if he needs something. Brent faces him and tells him of how the zombies tore Louise apart just when they were about to go on their first date. Blaming Chuck for what happened, he attacks him with a pair of flamethrowers. After he is defeated, he crawls to Louise's body, cuddles up to her and appears to die, only to sit up a few seconds later and shout, "Don't worry, kids! Slappy will live forever!" before finally dying.

Killing him gives the Flamethrower combo card, and a Flamethrower will spawn outside Kid's Choice Clothing.

Mission DialogueEdit

Off the Record Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.

Battling SlappyEdit

Before going to this battle, create some pain killers at the mall’s central grotto.
Also visit:

Dead rising Shotgun (Dead Rising 2)
  1. High-Noon Shooting Range and pick up 2 shotguns.
  2. Atop the circular sign on Severed Ties kiosk is another shotgun.

Dead rising brent bust


The fight will begin with Slappy going back and forth in front of the toy store, while letting out flame attacks on his left and right. Carry at least two healing items and a bunch of melee weapons, since guns do little noticeable damage.

Slappy has several moves to watch for. His basic move is to skate back and forth spraying fire. The fire can stun Chuck or knock him down. He will also stop and shoot fireballs that can knock Chuck down. Once he recovers from being stunned or damaged, he will spray fire like a sprinkler in a medium-sized circle. His final move, and perhaps most comical, is to slap a Slappy mask on Chuck, which will require Chuck to shake it off. He only does this if the player gets close to him and stays close for a bit.

Once Slappy has gotten to his feet, jump or roll away from him, as he will attack with a spinning flame that will cover anything 360 degrees from where he is standing. Getting hit will send Chuck to the floor.

If Slappy is not halted from skating back and forth, he will stop and release 3 to 4 burst fireball shots, causing Chuck to fall to the ground. After the attack, Slappy returns to skating back and forth in front of the toy store.


Devise a plan to stop Slappy from moving. The easiest way to do so is go in front of him and hitting him with a drop kick. One solid hit makes him stumble and stuns him. Then, get behind Slappy and hit him with Chuck's strongest melee weapon (such as a Laser Sword). The reason for attacking him from behind is because if Chuck attacks him from the side or the front, the flames emitting from Slappy's flamethrowers cause Chuck to stagger and unable to complete a combo. The staggering just makes Chuck waste time that could have been used to inflict damage.

  • Jump kick him when he skates towards Chuck. He will fall back, giving Chuck a few seconds to hit him with a melee weapon. After which, be sure to back away before he gets up and shoots fire.
  • A well-timed double drop kick (jump and hold X) as he skates towards Chuck will knock him down for a few seconds. It is best to only hit him 2-3 times before backing away, as he will perform a 360 spin with his flamethrowers that will send Chuck flying.



  • Firing a water gun at him makes his fire weapons fizzle for a few seconds, giving Chuck another chance to attack him. Once Chuck hits him with the water gun, Slappy will flip out and try to dry himself off, giving Chuck about a three second window of opportunity. Follow this up with one a heavy weapons to stun him and get in an extra hit or two.
  • There is a fire extinguisher in the travel agency across the walkway. Spraying it has the same effect as the water gun, and is much easier to aim. Slappy will hit Chuck with a mask after, but if Chuck gets out of it fast enough Slappy will run into an object and knock himself down and Chuck can attack him again.
  • Throwing heavy stuff at him will make Slappy fall, giving Chuck plenty of time to attack.
  • If Chuck runs back to Chris' Fine Foods on the same level, there is cooking oil. Throw this on the floor in Slappy's path and every time he skates over it, he will fall over. Slappy will then stand up and do a spinning flame attack, which lasts a few seconds and leaves him dizzy. Stay out of range until he is dizzy, and then run in to attack him. Then hide back in the shop, and before long, he will fall over again. Chuck only needs to throw the oil once. Amusingly, Brent will also fall over vomit.
  • Visit the High-Noon Shooting Range and pick up a couple of sniper rifles. By running into the toy store (or any store with tall "walls" inside it), Slappy will run laps outside the store, only occasionally stopping to fire a few shots at Chuck which can easily be avoided.
  • Run down the escalators at the start of the battle and go behind the staircase into the maintenance room. While standing just outside the Maintenance Room, Chuck can get a clear shot at Slappy as he cannot go in the tiny hallway and he cannot shoot Chuck if he stands just behind the wall and a little back. Use an assault rifle or LMG to kill him.
  • A time-consuming strategy is to hold up in the High Noon-Shooting Range. Slappy will pace back and forth outside the door, occasionally stopping to shoot fireballs, which are easy to avoid, due to the fact that they usually hit the sides of the entrance. The sniper rifle and infinite supply of handguns in the shop help assure victory.
  • After taking the two sniper rifles at High-Noon Shooting Range, run back to Chris' Fine Foods, hide beside the shelf which has hamburgers and pizzas. Throw cooking oil someplace Chuck can see and wait for Slappy to come by. When he falls over the cooking oil, he will do his 360 spin, giving Chuck enough time to shoot him. Also, if Chuck's health is low, he has an infinite supply of food items in the shop to heal him.


  • If low on health and in need of supplies, Leigh's Fine Liquor is a good place to stock up, since it is the second shop across from Kids' Choice Clothing. But drinking too much can make Chuck sick, no more than 3 drinks. Vodka restores 3 health squares and wine 5 health squares; beer really isn't worth it, as it makes Chuck sick after three bottles and doesn't replenish much. Carrying a health magazine or wearing a piece of the Sports Fan Pack outfit helps to replenish more squares than usual.
  • Drink enough alcohol for Chuck to get sick. When Slappy skates over Chuck's vomit, he will slip, giving Chuck the opportunity to attack him. Keep in mind that Frank will not vomit with the Sports Fan outfit on.
  • Before fighting Slappy, go to the grotto in the middle of the plaza and mix together either two vodkas or a vodka and drink cocktail in the blender to stock up on pain killer juice. Not only does it heal a staggering amount of health, but it also halves the damage Chuck takes for the next two minutes. This will not prevent Slappy from knocking Chuck over, though.


  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, you can get a Special bonus if you take a picture of Slappy when he does his fire spin attack, an Outtake bonus for taking a picture of him when he is stunned, and you can get Brutality bonuses by taking a picture of his fireball shots, and if you take a picture of his body after you defeat him.
  • Slappy is named after Slappy from the Goosebumps series, whom Brad Swaile also did the voice of.
  • His death cutscene is one of a few, along with Ted's and Brandon's, where Chuck doesn't appear in.
  • When playing in Co-Op mode, it is possible for Slappy to shoot one player and send them flying up past the boundaries, with no way of getting back down.

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