Everyone Luvs Books
Everyone Luvs Books
Store Number E108
Location Entrance Plaza
Survivor(s) Russell Barnaby
Scoop(s) Image in the Monitor
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Everyone Luvs Books Panorama
"Specializing in books written both at home and abroad, our buyers scour the earth in search of popular books to keep your imagination engaged. If you love books (everyone does!), you'll love our store!"
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Everyone Luvs Books is a book store in the Entrance Plaza in Dead Rising.

Dr. Barnaby barricaded himself in this store after the initial breakout in the Entrance Plaza after the game's introduction. He stays here until the morning of the second day when he is forcibly dragged out of the store by Carlito Keyes.

Everyone Luvs Books is one of five bookstores in the Willamette Parkview Mall.



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