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The Excavator is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is similar to the chainsaw as a two-handed weapon. When used, Frank stabs it into the nearest enemy. The zombie starts spinning and with that Frank is able to hit other enemies with the zombie that is spinning around on the Excavator's shaft. It is used in construction projects to break through concrete or the ground. It cannot be stored in the inventory.

Its durability is increased with the Engineering book.


  • Start Up: Tap X button and Frank will start the Excavator.
  • Stationary: The excavator is capable of damaging targets by simply coming into contact with them after it has started up.
  • Primary: Tap X button after starting the Excavator and Frank will thrust it forward, impaling any zombie on the drill.
  • Secondary: After using the primary attack, Frank will lift the excavator, pulling the impaled zombie off the ground and spinning it wildly, bludgeoning other nearby zombies. Over time, the force of the spinning will forcibly remove appendages off the zombie until only the torso remains.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Right trigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the X button button to throw the excavator.

The secondary attack can be used to go through crowds of zombies very easily.


Dead rising special forces not twisted execavtor.png
  • Although Special Forces are hurt when stabbed by the excavator, they do not twist like zombies do.
  • In Dead Rising 2, the Excavator's upgraded appearance is the Auger.