Dead rising Exsanguinator
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
Uses 40
Strength Great
PP Main: 250
Alternate: 500
Fits in Inventory No
"Whirling blades slice zombies to a pulp!"
—Combo card description

The Exsanguinator is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a vacuum cleaner with a saw blade.

Its heavy form of attack is using the vacuum cleaner's suction to grip a zombie and tear it in half. The lower body falls to the floor while the upper body is pulled into the vacuum cleaner and ground to bits in the process.

Due to its length, the Exsanguinator has an advantage over other heavy, melee combo weapons like the Porta Mower and the Ripper when it comes to range. This is useful as it gives less chance for the zombies to damage the player, which would cause the weapon to be dropped, as it is a heavy weapon.

It can not be stored in the player's inventory, and it must be revved up like a chainsaw before use.

It can easily be made when entering and exiting the Safe House, as there is a vacuum cleaner in the Safe House and there are two saw blades in the hallway leading up to it.

This combo weapon is described as:

"Giant, rotating saws at the end of vacuum cleaner."[1]

Attacks and combo cardEdit

Exsanguinator combo card
Prestige points Main: 250 PP
Alternate: 500 PP
Dead rising 2 combo card Exsanguinator
Main attack (press X/Square) Perform a thrust attack that slices up zombies. Dead rising exsanguinator main
Alternate attack (hold X/Square) Pick up a zombie with the Exsanguinator and lift it above the player's head, grinding the zombie up. Dead rising exsanguinator alternate
Description Whirling blades slice up zombies to a pulp!
–All prestige points listed here are halved when the weapon’s combo card is not owned and the player only has a scratch card.

Combo card locationEdit

In Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, the combo card for the Exsanguinator is unlocked by rescuing Wallace Hertzog during the mission Tape It or Die 2.

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 general locations of weapons needed to make the Exsanguinator:

Component Location Component Location
Vacuum Cleaner
Dead rising Vacuum Cleaner
Saw Blade
Dead rising Saw Blade (Dead Rising 2)


  • The word "exsanguinate" means to bleed out, therefore the Exsanguinator is the machine that makes zombies bleed profusely.
  • When creating the weapon, you use a single saw blade in one size. But when the weapon is completed, there will be multiple saw blades of various sizes on it. This also occurs with the Ripper. Item duplication of this nature is not uncommon when making combo weapons.
  • In the PC game file items.txt, this weapon is referred to as the "PowerExsanguinator" (Power Exsanguinator).



Dead rising 2 exsanguinator

Dead rising 2 exsanguinator


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