Extreme Off Road is a Sandbox Mode challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Frank needs to kill as many zombies as he can in 2 minutes.




  • The best way to get the Gold medal on this challenge is to get enough money to buy the SUV keys, start the challenge, and immediately get into the SUV and mow down every zombie possible in the Silver Strip. If you killed approximately 200 zombies in the first minute then you will most likely get the Gold medal.
  • As a side note, starting this challenge and then canceling it will respawn the SUV for you to use repeatedly after you wreck it each time, making this an easy trick to get your kill count up and unlock the other challenges.
  • If you do not have the money to buy the SUV keys, grab the chainsaw in the maintenance room near the 2nd challenge and combine it with the green bike in the trailer in front of the Yucatan Casino. 
    • The Bikes magazine will allow the motorbike to last longer. It can be found in the Underground when you first enter near the Yucatan Casino on a pile of boxes.
  • Another method is to have two Super B.F.G.s in your inventory. Kill zombies at the door of the Yucatan Casino and near the underground ramp entrance. You CAN drive through these areas and kill the zombies while on a vehicle, but you will only have 5 seconds to exit this zone and drive back towards the challenge area before the challenge will disqualify you.


  • This challenge is easily the best way to grind out zombie kills for the Six Digits?!? achievement. Every time you start the challenge, you will spawn in new zombies to kill. You will most likely average anywhere from 400-600 every two minutes. If you have the Bikes or Driving magazines (depending on what vehicle you use), you can do the challenge 3-4 times before having to exit the area and re-spawn the bike or the SUV. 
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