Fashion Victim
Fashion Victim 1
Location Felicia
Survivor(s) Lena Polichev
PP 25,000
"Some rock n' roll chick in Felicia ladies fashion, man. In Central. Might get lucky."
Jamie Flynt

Fashion Victim is a side mission in Dead Rising 3 that takes place during Chapter 5.

Jamie will only call for this side mission after Diego has been brought back to the warehouse.


Nick finds Lena Polichev on the balcony of Felicia, with a large group of zombies under her. Once Nick reaches her, he's disgusted by Lena's dress made out of meat, to which she claims is "haute-couture". However, she does see that it's attracting zombies to her, and demands to go shopping for a new outfit. Despite Nick's disagreement, she drags him along to the stores.

Lena will request to go to three clothing stores: Z & E, Capt'n Hats, and La Vivaneau. After visiting the third store, Nick remarks that she's stuffed everything but a pair of shoes in her purse, leading her to demanding for a pair of shoes. The two of them go to Pumps, and, despite the door being locked, Lena bursts in. After grabbing a pair of shoes, she goes into the dressing room and emerges with her new outfit. For his efforts, she'll promote Nick from "minion" to "assistant".


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