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"I ain't going anywhere until I get a freakin' drink."

Fausto Vargas is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

He is found in The Dirty Drink with his wife Gemini during the mission Win Some Lose Some. He is dealing with the zombie outbreak by drinking heavily.

Win Some Lose Some[]

Main article: Win Some Lose Some

Chuck encounters Fausto and Gemini in The Dirty Drink. The pair have fled the outbreak in Las Vegas and arrived at the blockade at the bridge in Still Creek. With the blockade closed and zombies running amok, the couple abandon their car and flee to the bar, leaving behind most of their casino winnings and Gemini's gems.

Now trapped in the zombie-filled town, Fausto is drinking himself into a stupor while his wife tries to calm him down. He demands a drink before he will go anywhere. After being given a beer or a whiskey, he requests another drink. The two drinks causes him to throw up on the floor. Gemini is at first enraged at Chuck for giving Fausto the drinks, but will quickly acknowledge that there was no other way to placate her husband. After that, the couple agree to follow Chuck to the Brockett Gas Station.


  • Fausto shares a similar character model with several characters in Dead Rising 2:
  • On a humorous note, Fausto can be heard using street-style slang while accompanying Chuck to the gas station. He will say things like, "Shee-it", or "You tripping", or even refer to the player as "playa", or the infamous line to Gemini, "Bitch, I have a back-hand!". This is likely due to his drinking problem.
  • If Fausto defects Gemini will defect also.


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