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The First Aid Kit is a key item in Dead Rising.

It is found in the pharmacy section of Seon's Food & Stuff during Case 2-3: Medicine Run and Overtime Mode, but is not found during any other time.

72 Hour Mode[]

During Case 2-3: Medicine Run in 72 Hour Mode, Brad Garrison is injured in a gunfight with Carlito Keyes, and a wound infection causes him to be incapacitated with a fever. On Jessie McCarney's request, Frank West sets off to retrieve the first aid kit from the pharmacy in Seon's Food & Stuff. When he reaches there, he is confronted by Steven Chapman, manager of the supermarket, who has gone insane from the zombie outbreak. It is also revealed that Isabela Keyes was captured by Steven while trying to get a first aid kit for the similarly injured Carlito.

After defeating Steven and obtaining the Pharmacy Key, Frank is able to retrieve the first aid kit. Upon being treated at the security room, Brad soon recovers.

Overtime Mode[]

During Overtime Mode, after Frank is infected by the zombie virus, he faces zombification within 24 hours. Isabela offers to make a drug to suppress the zombification process from a variety of ingredients found in the mall. The first aid kit is one of the ingredients Frank has to find. Like before, it is located in the pharmacy.


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