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Flaming Gloves (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Flaming Gloves
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Uses 20
Strength Good
PP 200/100 (300 Heavy Attack)
Fits in Inventory Yes
"Punches mixed with fire can produce wild results."
—Combo Card Description

The Flaming Gloves is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, made by combining boxing gloves with motor oil.

This weapon works the same way as boxing gloves, but with added fire damage.

Set zombies ablaze with Chuck's flaming boxing gloves.[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Flaming Gloves.

Boxing Gloves
Dead rising Boxing Gloves

Location icon Americana Casino - Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack (platform above counter)

Location icon Fortune Park - Maintenance Room 11 South side
Location icon Palisades Mall - Maintenance Room 8 left of Finders Peepers
Location icon Palisades Mall - Flexin' (P104)
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - The Man's Sport (R103) (4 pair)
Location icon Silver Strip - Barrel of Goods
Location icon Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 16 behind Pub O' Gold (N107) in tunnel

Motor Oil
Dead rising Motor Oil
Location icon Brockett Gas Station

Location icon Uncle Bill's Department Store (∞)
Location icon Food Court - Wild West Grill House (1) (On porch) (F101)
Location icon Palisades Mall - Maintenance Room 8 left of Finders Peepers
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino - Maintenance Room 4 behind stage (1) (inside)

Location icon Underground - Warehouse B


  • The final blow in the flaming glove's four hit combo may be a reference to Capcom's flagship title Street Fighter. The move is very similar to Ryu and Ken's "Shoryuken" or "Dragon Uppercut" which has the player perform a rising uppercut with the fist surrounded by flame. Capcom is known to have included this move in some form in virtually all of their titles to date.
  • The Combo Card for this weapon doesn't mention that it has a secondary attack.
  • In the PC file items.txt this weapon is called "FlamingGloves".
  • The Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide states: "4 swing attacks and 2 heavy, swing attacks. A good way to knock zombies away while setting them on fire. Block attacks in ranged mode." There only appears to be one heavy attack, not two.



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