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The flare is a weapon that was removed from the final version of Dead Rising 2 for unknown reasons. It is a small device that produces a bright flame.

Although Sullivan uses a flare in the The Facts to call down bombs, this flare has a different name, "SullivanFlare", and acts differently. Of all of the scrapped weapons, the flare is the most functional. All of its attack animations are available. Although, unlike the Fountain Fireworks, the flare doesn't attract zombies.


Dead rising flare main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to swipe the flare. Chuck will put the flare into a zombie's mouth. The flare is a bright red. The flare makes the zombie momentarily immobile and attracts other zombies to the flare zombie.
    After a few seconds, the flare disappears, and the zombie is free.




Dead rising 2 Flare

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