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Dead rising PANORAMA FLEXIN Al Fresca Plaza COMPLETE.jpg
"True health dwells within a hardened sheen of developed muscles. Come to Flexin' now for a custom tailored workout guaranteed to get you fit and confident."

Flexin' is a gym located in Al Fresca Plaza in Dead Rising.

It is the only gym in the Willamette Parkview Mall, and the only other establishment besides Colby's Movieland where Frank can save his game.


PP Bonuses[]

  • Running on each of the six treadmills will net Frank a 2,000 PP Bonus each. There is also a 10,000 PP Bonus for running on all 6.
  • There are four sandbags that each can be destroyed for a 2,000 PP Bonus. There is also a 10,000 PP Bonus for destroying all 4.

PP Stickers[]

Dead rising pp flexin (2).png
Between the four posters by the clock behind the counter.
Dead rising pp flexin (4).png
On the first weight machine that's seen when entering.
Dead rising pp flexin (3).png
On the fourth of five stationary bike from the entrance.
Dead rising pp flexin.png
Between the two posters of the black bodybuilders in the far end of Flexin'.
Dead rising pp flexin treadmill.png
Third treadmill from the left.
Dead rising pp flexin sign.png
On the green Flexin' banner to the right of the sandbags.


  • The automatic doors are not triggered by zombies or survivors, making it a point of entry only when Frank is nearby.
  • One of the posters near the bathroom door savepoint has images of muscular men with famous celebrities Samuel L. Jackson and Kobe Bryant's faces pasted over them.