Floating Lantern
Floating Lantern DR4 Blueprint
Combine Lantern + Explosive
Location Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi

Floating Lantern is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

To create this weapon, combine a lantern with any item in the 'explosive' weapon category. The blueprints can be found at Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi in the Kiichiro Plaza section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. There is also a golden version of this weapon, which can be made by combining a Floating Lantern with a gold bar.

The Floating Lantern will hover in the air wherever it is used. It will shoot flames and spin while airborne. This is a great weapon to use as a distraction, as the zombies seem attracted to the light and sound that the weapon makes. The flames are also very effective in killing zombies.

The Floating Lantern is one of the weapons that can be used for the Stepping in It combat trial.


  • The golden lantern is helpful to farm player revivals when playing multiplayer. A player cannot be harmed with their own lantern. If the co-op partner who wants to get credit for a revive dispatches a lantern, the other player can stand under it and take continual damage from the flames. When they are downed, the rescuing player can stand under their own lantern and not take damage while reviving their partner. This can be repeated several times until all 50 revives have been completed for the challenge. The likelihood of being disturbed during a revive is also low, as the zombies will most likely be killed by the flames. Because the golden lantern lasts so long, there's a good chance on getting many revivals on a single lantern. This is an effective method even if many of the upgrades have been purchased, such as automatically regenerating health or a significantly longer health bar.


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