Floyd Sanders
Dead rising floyd
Age 69
Notebook Number 58
Notebook Description Antique enthusiast.
Health 5,000
Weapon Shovel (Infinity Mode
Location Ned's Knicknackery (72 Hour Mode)

Colby's Movieland Theater 1 (Infinity Mode)

Scoop(s) Antique Lover
Floyd the Sommelier
PP 25,000 (Join)

50,000 (Escort)
10,000 (Request)

"It's hopeless anyway. I may as well spend my last moments enjoying this. If I'm going to die, I'd just as soon do it surrounded by great works of art."
—Floyd, on speaking to Frank about his current situation

Floyd Sanders is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found taking cover in Ned's Knicknackery in the Entrance Plaza during the scoop Antique Lover. He is an art appreciator, and has decided that if he is going to die, he wants to die surrounded by art.

Antique LoverEdit

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Floyd is found taking cover in an antique store in the Entrance Plaza. When Frank approaches him, Floyd tells him that he sees the situation as hopeless and would rather die surrounded by great works of art. Frank then asks him to reconsider, and points out that the works of art are no more than junk for sale at a mall.

After deliberating, Floyd decides that he does want to live again and accepts Frank's offer to bring him back to the Security Room.

Floyd the SommelierEdit

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Floyd recognizes that there is a lot of tension between the younger survivors, and thinks that some wine would soothe their nerves a bit. He asks Frank to bring some back.

He thanks him for taking the time to do so if Frank obliges his wishes, and complains that he can't even do an old man a favor if he doesn't.

Infinity ModeEdit

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In Infinity Mode, Floyd appears in Colby's Movieland Theater 1 at Paradise Plaza from 7:00:00 to 7:07:00 and is armed with Shovel. In his equipment he carries a Snack, a Hunting Knife, a Push Broom Handle, 2x4 and a Fire Ax.


  • Floyd after being rescued: "I'm ready to live the rest of my life to the fullest! And it's all thanks to you"
  • It's essential to get Floyd to join for the Transmissionary achievement, as the call for Floyd the Sommelier cannot be triggered if Floyd is not saved.
  • The voice actor for Floyd Sanders is Bill Farmer who also does Ryan LaRosa, Cletus Samson and Jeff Meyer. Bill Farmer is best known for voicing Goofy and Pluto in the Mickey Mouse series.
  • Floyd is the oldest male character, though Susan Walsh is the oldest character in Dead Rising.



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