Floyd Stone
Dead rising floyd bust
Age 28
Notebook Number 100
Notebook Description Musical Mayhem. Found on the stage in the Silver Strip.
Weapon Electric Guitar
Location Silver Strip
Scoop(s) Rock Heroes
PP 7,000 (Join)
14,000 (Escort)

"The dead can dance!"
—Floyd, upon reaching the Safe House

Floyd Stone is the bassist of Angel Lust, a British goth rock band in Dead Rising 2, who appears during the mission Rock Heroes. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Rock HeroesEdit

Floyd and his band mates, Allen Ash and Jeanna Slick, are seen performing a concert to a crowd of zombies that have congregated below the stage in the Silver Strip. He and his friends believe those in the crowd are actually fans until Chuck makes them realize zombies have overrun the city.

After finishing their song with a mighty chord, the zombies are all killed due to the sound waves and then the band mates agree to be escorted. When escorted, he uses his electric guitar to defend himself. If he makes it to the Safe House, he gives you the Power Guitar Combo Card.



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