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Follow Doug is the nineteenth story mission in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.


After taking out the majority of the spec ops, Doug will leave to find any remaining soldiers at the police station for questioning. Angel must kill the last few remaining straggler soldiers, and follow Doug to the back of the police station.

After finding Doug, a cutscene will play to end the mission. The Shakedown achievement will unlock after the scene ends and the mission has been completed.


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Main Missions
Investigate the Yacht - Find Supplies - Get to the Safe Zone in South Almuda - Search for Clues - Follow the Blood Trail - Talk to Winnie - Get to Sunset High School - Stop the Intruders - Get to the Communications Tower - Defend Doug - Clear Out the Zombies Inside - Talk to Doug - Find the Food Truck - Collect Weapon Caches - Return Food Truck to Communications Tower - Meet Doug at the Trap Location - Get to the Vantage Point - Take Out the Spec Ops - Follow Doug - Investigate the Lab - Find the Lab Key - Clear Enemies from Lab - Rescue the Trapped Survivors
Side Missions
Destroy Surveillance Cameras - Rescue Survivors