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Follow the Blood Trail is the fifth story mission in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.


After Angel inspects the South Almuda safe house for clues, she will see Winnie running away, terrified. Angel is desperate to find Winnie and ask her about what happened at the safe house, but she is too scared to stop. However, Angel is able to track Winnie using the blood trail that she leaves behind as she runs away.

Keep chasing Winnie until you catch up with her, which will give you the next objective.


  • If one looks closely at the footprints in the blood trail, they are barefoot even though Winnie is wearing sandals. This is similar to Jherii Gallo's cutscene after she is defeated, as she leaves boot prints even though she is barefoot in both her cutscenes and battle.


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Investigate the Yacht - Find Supplies - Get to the Safe Zone in South Almuda - Search for Clues - Follow the Blood Trail - Talk to Winnie - Get to Sunset High School - Stop the Intruders - Get to the Communications Tower - Defend Doug - Clear Out the Zombies Inside - Talk to Doug - Find the Food Truck - Collect Weapon Caches - Return Food Truck to Communications Tower - Meet Doug at the Trap Location - Get to the Vantage Point - Take Out the Spec Ops - Follow Doug - Investigate the Lab - Find the Lab Key - Clear Enemies from Lab - Rescue the Trapped Survivors
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