Forkwork Blueprints
Type Combo Vehicle
Combine Forklift + Fireworks Van
Strength Medium (6/10)[1]
Health 5000 [2]
Speed Slow

The Forkwork is one of the combo vehicles in Dead Rising 3. [3]

The forkwork has high durability, and has medium attack power. It can carry Nick and one other passenger. 

It can be created by combining a Forklift with a Fireworks Van. Nick will obtain the blueprints after finishing Chapter 4.


  • Tap Ybutton to fire rockets from the front of the vehicle. This attack isn't particularly devastating, but it can clear the way and acts as a great distraction.
  • Pressing Template:Xbutton will enable the vehicle's boost feature which will make the vehicle go faster for a short period of time. Hold Abutton while the boost feature is enabled to do a burnout. This will cause the vehicle to spin around and slice zombies with the forklift forks.
  • When playing in co-op, the co-op partner is able to man a rooftop turret that is capable of rotating 360 degrees. This is a separate turret from the rockets that fire from the front of the vehicle, and are not able to be used when playing in single player.



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