Fortune City Hotel
Fortune City Hotel
Survivor(s) Europa Westinghouse
Lillian Payne (Roof)
Psychopath(s) TK Helicopter
Scoop(s) Slave to Fashion
Family Feud

The Fortune City Hotel is a prominent, 5-Star establishment found in Fortune City in the Platinum Strip section. It is the scene of Channel 6 News field reporter Rebecca Chang's live report on the Fortune City outbreak. During one of Chuck's first cases, Alive on Location, he must reach the hotel to find Rebecca Chang to attempt to clear his name of any wrongdoing in the city's recent zombie outbreak.

Hotel Information

  • Price - $199.99 to $2500.99 a night
  • Facilities - spa, movie theater, shopping mall, body guard service
  • Zombrex available
  • No zombie pets policy


"This was my first visit to Fortune City and it certainly won't be my last. The Fortune City Hotel blew me away and I loved relaxing in the spa as much as spending up a storm in the mall. The Fortune's got it all."
—4 Stars, Roy Lovelock
"THIS. IS. THE. LIFE. The Fortune is pure luxury all the way and the views from the roof-top restaurant just blew my mind."
—5 Stars, Luke Hinshore




  • The Fortune City Hotel is the only hotel in the game that does not have its own casino.
  • Despite the online reviews from the Fortune City website praising the hotel's shopping mall, the mall it is directly attached to, the South Plaza, appears to still be under construction during the game.


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