Frank the Pimp
DR 010 Frank the Pimp
Description Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.
Point Value 20 G
Dead Rising
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Frank the Pimp is an achievement in Dead Rising.

It is completed by escorting eight female survivors simultaneously during 72 Hour Mode.


  • Because there is an 8 survivor limit, Frank will have to kill other survivors in order to receive scoops where female survivors are available.
  • Completing this should also unlock the Tour Guide achievement.


1. Begin by either ignoring or completing scoops until 9 PM of the first day. When the Out of Control scoop appears, defeat Adam MacIntyre and recruit Greg Simpson. After Greg shows you the shortcut to Paradise Plaza, kill him or bring him back to the Security Room.

2. Around 9 AM of the second day, Otis should call you about The Coward. Run to Al Fresca Plaza, and kill Gordon Stalworth. Afterwards, head to the North Plaza so you can complete The Hatchet Man.

3. After defeating Cliff Hudson, use the store key and kill all three of the survivors there, including Barbara Patterson. If Lovers is available at this time, travel to Wonderland Plaza and kill both Tonya Waters and Ross Folk.

4. Around 10 AM, Pamela Tompkins and Heather Tompkins should be available to pick up in Paradise Plaza. Also make sure to kill Ronald Shiner in the scoop Restaurant Man.

5. Wait in the bathroom in Paradise Plaza until 12 PM and you will receive the Above the Law scoop. Do not take the shortcut to Wonderland Plaza until after 1 PM.

6. Now take the shortcut to Wonderland Plaza, and set a waypoint inside the bathroom. At this point, the unmarked scoop Hanging by a Thread should be available in Wonderland Plaza and you will be able to save Sally Mills. Kill Nick Evans or else Jennifer Gorman will be unable to spawn.

7. After escorting Sally to the Wonderland Plaza bathroom, defeat Jo Slade and recruit Kay Nelson, Kelly Carpenter, Lilly Deacon and Janet Star. After all 7 women are inside the bathroom, take the shortcut to Paradise Plaza. A cut scene will automatically trigger, and Frank should be able to save Jennifer Gorman from captivity. If none of the females in the group have been killed, this achievement (along with Tour Guide) will unlock.

Note: Alternatively, you can also rescue Leah Stein or Sophie Richards for the achievement, although this is not recommended as it has been proven to be difficult.


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