Freddie May
Dead rising freddie
Age 40
Status Deceased
Notebook Number 07
Notebook Description Found erecting a barricade in the Entrance Plaza.
Health 300
Location Entrance Plaza
Killed By Zombies

Dead Rising
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"What are you thinking!?!"
—Freddie attempting to restrain Lindsay

Freddie May is a victim appearing in Dead Rising.

He was found in the Entrance Plaza of the Willamette Parkview Mall helping with the barricade.

He was killed when Lindsay Harris removed the barricades and allowed the zombies to break into the plaza.


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In the Introduction, Freddie is a mall employee who used the mall as refuge with other survivors as the town was overcome by the zombie outbreak. He was first seen erecting a barricade at the Entrance Plaza with Chris Hines and Ryan LaRosa.

When Lindsay attempted to remove to barricade to rescue her dog, Freddie tried futilely to stop her and pull her back into the mall. Unfortunately, he couldn't grab Lindsay and fell backwards as zombies killed him.


  • Freddie is one of two people shown being killed during the cutscene of the zombies breaking into the mall, the other being Lindsay Harris.
  • However, he is not dead when the breach cutscene ends, as he dies around two seconds after.
  • There is no notification of Freddie May's death on screen after the cutscene ends.
  • Freddie is one of three Willamette Parkview Mall employees who survived the initial outbreak, the other two being Otis Washington and Greg Simpson, all wearing identical jackets.
    • He is the only one who cannot be saved.
  • He is one of a handful of people who are not present in Infinity Mode.


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