Fresh Meat
Location Yucatan Casino
Start Time 4AM, September 25th
End Time 10AM, September 26th
Psychopath Snowflake
Ted Smith
Survivor(s) Lenny Mooney
"Hey, Chuck / Frank, if you go to the Yucatan Casino, watch out. It looks like there’s a tiger running loose in there."
Stacey Forsythe

Fresh Meat, also known as Ted & Snowflake and Snowflake Boss Battle, is an unannounced mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It starts at 4:00 AM on Day 1 and ends at 10:00 AM on Day 2. The mission will trigger when Chuck walks into the Yucatan Casino. The mission time remains unchanged in Off the Record.


When Chuck/Frank arrives at the Yucatan, he tries to help a frightened man before he is captured by Ted Smith, who has plans of feeding him to Snowflake due to the lack of fresh meat. Chuck/Frank tries to offer Ted the idea of having Snowflake eat zombies, which he rejects, deeming zombies as "spoiled meat". When Chuck/Frank tries to calm Ted down, he uses the word "slow" that enrages Ted and he has Snowflake attack him. However, Chuck/Frank is able to defeat Ted and tame Snowflake with a few steaks.

Once Snowflake is tamed, Chuck/Frank can bring her to the safe house. If the player checks the back room of the reception desk before leaving the casino, they can also rescue Lenny Mooney. Lenny will show Chuck/Frank how to turn on the slot machines in the casino before he joins.

When saved, Snowflake will stay in the same room as Katey, and can be presented to her as one of the Gifts for Katey.

Mission DialogueEdit

Off the Record Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


Defeating TedEdit


The player's first priority is to kill Ted, which is easily accomplished as he is considered to be one of the easiest psychopaths to defeat. Snowflake will pounce on Chuck/Frank as he tries to kill Ted. If this makes it difficult to kill Ted, the player can exploit Snowflake's inability to move through certain areas, such as the nearby restaurant, to separate the two.

There is also a fire axe near Ted's starting position. He is especially weak against a shotgun, and will fall down every time he is shot. He can also be stunned by a crowbar and the spiked bat's secondary attack.

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Handgun Ted has a weak handgun.
Headbutt Ted will attempt to headbutt Chuck.
Push Ted will push Chuck or zombies.

Once Ted is defeated, his death cutscene will play, and Snowflake will remain for Chuck/Frank to either tame or kill.

Defeating SnowflakeEdit

Defeating Snowflake can be difficult, but is far from impossible. Quick weapons with repetitive strikes, or heavy weapons with single strikes are the best method. Her tactics are easily discernible, and because she only targets Chuck/Frank and zombies, most of the time, survivors are not as vulnerable as in other boss battles. Her most visible attack is a lunge, which is preceded by her running away from Chuck/Frank. Dodge-rolling, or side stepping at sharp angles can avoid this, opening her up for attacks. Her other attack is a quick trot towards Chuck/Frank, before leaping and clawing. Be aware that if she successfully lunges upon Chuck/Frank, she will proceed to violently maul him for additional damage.

Any weapon with a charge attack (such as the Burning Skull) is very effective against Snowflake as it is difficult for her to keep up with Chuck/Frank's running and deals significant damage.

If the player needs food during the battle, run to Baron Von Brathaus restaurant, which has several food items and a blender. The player can mix two wines to create Quick Step or two beers for a Pain Killer. The magazine Health 2 is also found here, which boosts health restoration by 100%.

Taming SnowflakeEdit

The Skill to Survive achievement is unlocked by taming Snowflake.

To tame Snowflake:

  1. Ted needs to be killed first.
  2. Snowflake needs to eat three pieces of steak.
Steak locations
Store Description
Yucatan Casino (3)
  • West fire pit area where the battle first began.
  • Two pieces atop the rock outcropping along the wall
  • One piece on a rock in the middle of the pit area.
Yucatan Casino Upper Platform (1) One piece on the upper platform
Baron Von Brathaus (1) Table along the wall
Wild West Grill House Food Court
Chris's Fine Foods (∞) Palisades Mall second floor
Royal Flush Plaza Leap on the phone booth near Ragazines to the broken walkway above. Jump to the higher flower box. Travel to the loft of the Players store.

Drop the steak in various places, preferably near where you found the steak in the pen. When you see Snowflake coming, position yourself so that the steak is between you and her. Snowflake should notice the steak and slowly advance toward it, then eat it, restoring some health. A sound effect will play to confirm that she has eaten the steak. As zombies will swipe at her while she's eating, this interrupts the eating animation and forces the player to try again. Repeat the process three times to successfully tame her.


  • Snowflake's and Ted's boss music is Narrow Escape by Celldweller.
  • Snowflake and Bibi Love are the only two psychopaths that can be saved in Dead Rising 2.
  • If the player were to tame Snowflake before killing Ted, she will become a survivor although Ted will be hostile to Snowflake and will attack her.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, taking a photo of Snowflake eating Steak awards up to 1,000 Drama PP, enough for Raw Emotion achievement.
  • If the player leaves the Yucatan Casino and returns, Snowflake's health bar will be reset and has to be fed again to be tamed.
  • There are additional items exclusive to this mission found in missions.txt:
  • The submission to restore power to the Yucatan is called "PowerYucatan" in missions.txt.
  • The name of the mission is referred in the game files as "Snowflake" (In the datefile.big) and "Fresh Meat" (In str_en.bcs).
  • The author of the Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide uses two names for this mission: "Ted and Snowflake" and "Snowflake Boss Battle".
  • The Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Official Strategy Guide refers to the mission as "Ted and Snowflake" also.
  • GameSpot refers to this mission as "Nice and Slow" in reference to Chuck saying "nice and slow" unintentionally setting Ted off and what Ted says, "Snowflake... go and eat your fresh meat... nice and slow..."[1]



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