The Fuel Car is a vehicle exclusive to Chapter 4.

Nick must drive the Fuel Car to the Hangar in South Almuda, as it contains fuel for the plane.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

After freeing Annie, Gary, Lauren and Winnie from the Spec Ops camp, Red tells Nick where he fuel is located.

At the parking garage under Central City, Nick opens the garage shutter to find a King Zombie. Spec Ops approach him, but they both get killed by the King Zombie. After some confusion from Nick, he hops into the Fuel Car and drives it to South Almuda and into the hangar. If the Fuel Car gets too damaged, it will catch on fire and explode. Unlike the Hearse in Chapter 2, the game will fail if this happens.

After Chapter 4, the Fuel Car can be seen in the hangar's garage. Rhonda will occasionally hang by the car.

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