"Whoa, peaced out monk in the zen gardens in Ingleton. Looks kinda lonely, man."
Jamie Flynt

Garden of Peace is a side mission and psychopath battle in Dead Rising 3. It appears during Explore While Rhonda Searches, or more specifically, after Signs of Safety activates.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nick enters the Zen Gardens and finds a man there dressed as a monk, meditating on top of a pole. The man, Harry "Zhi" Wong explains to Nick that he murdered the survivors in the area because they disrupted his peace. A zombie then walks into a gong, immediately angering him, and he attacks Nick with his Guan Dao.

After Zhi is defeated, he talks about the turn of events in his life that made him go psychotic: Getting fired, his wife leaving him for a refrigerator salesman and his kids becoming 'disrespectful brats'. He then curses the gods for forsaking him before decapitating himself. Defeating him will unlock the Wrathful achievement and reward Nick with 20,000 PP.

Mission Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Battle Style[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being the first psychopath the player can encounter in the game, Zhi is the fastest one and also extremely agile. 
  • He is capable of doing powerful melee attacks, such as flying kick or stabbing Nick with his Guan Dao.
  • Often in the fight he will throw smoke bombs or grenades in the battle.
  • Sometimes, Zhi will throw a smoke bomb and jump to a podium to meditate, at which he restores his health. Nick will have to either shoot him or throw a weapon at him.
  • Zhi's weakness lies within the gongs and vases. Hitting or breaking them will cause him to become angry, leaving him vulnerable to a grab attack.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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