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Gems (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Gems
Type Throwing
Damage 12 (Primary & Thrown)
18 (Headshot)
Uses 10 uses
Location Josh's Jewels
Special Gifts
Marriage Makers
Dead Rising
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Gems are a weapon in Dead Rising.

Gems are found in jewelry stores and are thrown. Zombies comically slip and fall on gems. Photographing a zombie after they fall on the gems will result in an Outtake bonus.


  • Primary: Tap the 360 X button button automatically lock onto the nearest enemy and throw the gems.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the 360 X button button to manually throw the gems.

When the Throw stat is maxed out, the gems will also deal additional damage from headshots, instantly killing any zombie.


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