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Super George
Actor Taiki Yoshida
Caleb Pearson (English VA)

George is Shin's younger brother and the main protagonist of Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.


Paralyzed from the waist down, George is confined to a wheelchair. His brother Shin decided that remaining in their home would be dangerous and decided to seek refuge at the safe houses around the city, however they were rejected by the safe houses.

As the day darkens, he and Shin decided to take refuge at a nearby warehouse from the Zombies, however they had an unexpected encounter with the warehouse owner Takahashi, which resulted in Shin's death.

While being pummeled by Takahashi, a car crashed in the warehouse, he then meets Mary, a nurse that has been infected with the virus, and they take refuge in the Maintenance Room from the zombies. Mary went out of the room in hope of getting Zombrex to postpone the virus infection in her body. She has a brief fight with George about making a big fuss about his condition as a handicap, unlike the other handicapped patients that Mary had treated.

George later gathered his confidence and modified his wheelchair with the supplies in the room, he fought off the zombies and defeated Takahashi, he assisted the badly-injured Mary in search for Zombrex, but was later bitten by a zombie.

George then faced against a horde of zombies, which resulted in his wheelchair to be destroyed. Luckily, he and Mary were able to find boxes filled with Zombrex.

After the pair find a small room with a few boxes with Zombrex they use the Zombrex. Mary dies soon after from her wounds and as George mourns her loss a zombie waltzes in and attempts to attack George. He shambles up while using a baseball bat, and with all of his strength, walks over to the zombie and bashes its head off. He surprisingly walks away despite the fact that he is paralyzed, and shambles out of the factory.

He seems to be alright until he gets shot from a sniper that mistook took him as a zombie, due to the way he walked, not realizing he was human.