Get the Corpse to the Club
Get the Corpse to the Club
Location St. Keith's Memorial Grounds
Previous Mission Help Gary
Next Mission Get to the Plane

Get the Corpse to the Club is the final story mission during Chapter 2 in Dead Rising 3.


After opening the lid to the coffin, Gary and Nick will find the corpse of Nicole White. Nick mistakes the corpse for Annie. Gary loads the corpse up into a car and asks that Nick drives the corpse over to his boss at the Diamond Panty.

Nick must drive the Hearse carefully over to the club to end the chapter. The Hearse can withstand damage from zombies, but there are gas barrels on the road that need to be avoided. If the Hearse happens to get destroyed, the coffin will miraculously survive, but Nick will have to carry the coffin to the club by hand. 

Once in the parking lot of the Diamond Panty, the chapter will end.


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