Get to Karaoke Bar is the first story mission during Chapter 7 in Dead Rising 3.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After escaping Marian Mallon's grasp at the South Almuda Train Repair, Nick will find himself at the Los Perdidos River. From here, he must walk to Sunset Hills by going through the Sunset Hills Station.

When Nick reaches the train station, a cutscene will play and give Nick the next set of objectives. After Nick finally gets out of the train station, the objective will once again change to reach the karaoke bar. It's a short walk from the train station.

Once Nick reaches Bibi's Box, he finds Gary who is standing guard outside of the door holding Annie hostage until his boss arrives. When Nick tells Gary to let him in, he refuses. Gary tells Nick that he must do him a favor or get rid of him before he will move.

At this point, Nick can either kill Gary or bring Rhonda to him. Killing Gary will result in a bad ending, and the player cannot unlock Overtime Mode. If Nick chooses to bring Rhonda to him, however, Overtime Mode can be unlocked, and Ending S can be achieved. 

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