Get to the Military Lab
Get to the Military Lab 1
Location South Almuda Train Repair
Previous Mission Investigate the Server Station
Next Mission Get to the Military Base

Get to the Military Lab is the twenty-fifth story mission in Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent.


Brad goes to the secret military lab at the train yard. Inside, he finds the corpse of Diego Martinez and several scientists and doctors after the botched experiment that was carried out by Marian Mallon.

Brad also finds proof of the military prison camp at the Ingleton Taxi Company. Feeling betrayed and used by the government and ZDC, he decides to cut out his Zombrex chip so that he can no longer be tracked.

Brad is confident that this outbreak was started by Gen. John Hemlock to gain power, but he needs solid proof. In order to find the proof he needs, he decides to find the military prison camp and investigate.


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