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Go to the Ingleton Taxi Company is the fifth story mission in Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle.


Once the Ingleton Motel has been cleansed, Kane will need to head to the Ingleton Taxi Company. The ZDC was using the area has a military checkpoint before it became overrun by zombies, and the military now plans on using the area again.

Once Kane is near the vicinity, Phoenix will radio him more orders.

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Main Missions
Escape the Aquaduct - Locate Precious Cargo - Get to the Motel - Cleanse Illegals Base - Go to the Ingleton Taxi Company - Close the Gate - Clear Taxi Company - Get to the Roof - Signal Bravo with Flare - Locate Charlie Unit's Supplies - Return Supplies to Base Camp - Park the Vehicle - Investigate the Stage - Track the President - Eliminate the President's Forces - Secure the President
Side Objectives
Locate Squad Members