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Gordon Terence Dawkins[1] is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2. He is found in Casual Gals being attacked by zombies in the Royal Flush Plaza during the mission Happily Ever After... Sort Of. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Happily Ever After Sort Of[]

In the mission Happily Ever After... Sort Of Gordon has abandoned his wife LaShawndra and fled for refuge. He can be found hiding behind the counter in Casual Gals in the Royal Flush Plaza, idling as ravenous zombies close in on the store. He scolds himself for leaving his wife LaShawndra Dawkins to the zombies in The Dark Bean. Once reunited with his wife, they will make up. Sometimes Gordon will receive a punch on the arm from her. They then head to the Safe House with Chuck Greene.

If LaShawndra is killed, Gordon will immediately defect.

Sandbox Mode[]

Gordon is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. As soon as Frank enters the alley next to Hot Excitorama, Gordon will attack with a lead pipe. Once defeated he drops his weapon and $10,000. Then he will spawn on fourth day in the same location with the same items he had before.


  • In Dead Rising, there is another man named Gordon who is as much of a coward as this Gordon is.
  • Gordon shares a character model with Lance Pennington.
  • If LaShawndra is killed, Gordon will immediately defect, unless you kill LaShawndra far away or before talking to Gordon.
    • If you kill Lashawndra far away from Gordon, he will say "Have seen my water buffalo?"
  • If you give Gordon a crowbar he will say "A red crow bar that will certainly make someone feel like a free man," which is a reference to Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the Half-Life series.
  • In the Introduction, during the elevator cutscene, there is a zombie with the same model as Gordon that can be seen attacking a survivor with the same model as Andy Talbat.
  • Gordon and LeShawndra are probably the easiest survivors to get back to the safe house, as their location is closer to the safe house more so than any other survivor's in the game, which means that there are also very little zombies that surround them too.



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