Gordon Stalworth
Dead rising gordon
Age 29
Notebook Number 42
Notebook Description Complete coward.
Health 5,000
Weapon Stepladder (Infinity Mode)
Location McHandy's Hardware (72 Hour Mode)

Meat Processing Area (Infinity Mode)

Scoop(s) The Coward
Kindell's Betrayal
PP 15,000 (Join)

30,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"Help me! I'm too young to die!"
—Gordon, upon seeing Frank

Gordon Stalworth is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found in McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza during the scoop The Coward. As the name of the scoop suggests, he is a cowardly fellow who is doing his best to hide from zombies during the outbreak.

The CowardEdit

Main article: The Coward

Gordon is hiding in the back counter of McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza. He is hysterical with terror and refuses to listen to anybody. Frank hits him to knock some sense into him.

As he sobs, Frank demands Gordon to follow him back to safety.

Kindell's BetrayalEdit

Main article: Kindell's Betrayal

After being rescued, he will wait in the room with the green door. When Kindell Johnson believes that there is no helicopter coming in three days, he rallies up the other survivors in the same room, including Gordon, to leave the Security Room.

If Frank does not stop Kindell's mutiny, Gordon will leave the Security Room along with the other survivors. They will no longer count towards the number of rescued survivors.

Infinity ModeEdit

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In Infinity Mode, Gordon appears at the Meat Processing Area from 6:07:00 to 6:19:00, armed with Step ladder. In his equipment he carries a Snack, 2x4, a Lead Pipe, a Nightstick and a Dumbbell.


  • In Dead Rising 2, there is another man named Gordon who is also very cowardly.
  • His model briefly resembles Todd Mendell's.
  • His portrait is the achievement icon of Indoorsman, befitting of his cowardly nature.
  • His young age of 29, combined with his baldness and the fact that he looks older than 29 is suggestive of a high level of stress and fear.


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