DR 018 Gourmet
Description Eat all types of food in the mall.
Point Value 20G
Dead Rising
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Gourmet is an achievement in Dead Rising.

This achievement is unlocked by eating and drinking all types of food in the mall, including rotten, cooked and thawed versions of foods and mixed juices.

This must be done on one playthrough during 72 Hour Mode.

All food (with the exception of pie and gallon jug milk) can be found in Seon's Food & Stuff. Mixed Juices must be made using a blender. Golden Brown Pizza and Well Done Steak must be cooked in a Microwave, while spoiled food be left in Frank's inventory for (roughly) 20 minutes real time (about 5 hours in-game).


Mixed JuicesEdit


  • Ronald Shiner's photo was most likely used for this achievement because he cares about nothing but food.
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