Off The Record Dead Rising 4 

Grass Trimmer (Off the Record)
Type Melee
Uses 60
Strength Great
Location Fortune Park

The Grass Trimmer (Off the Record) is a weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It can be combined with a Chef Knife to create a Weed Tendonizer.[1][2]


Dead rising grass trimmer main
Main: Tap X/Square to sweep a small area with the Grass Trimmer - this is rather ineffective.

Dead rising grass trimmer combo

Combo: Tap X/Square to repeatedly tapping X/Square will continually sweep in front of Frank as he walks.
Alternate: Hold X/Square to hold the Grass Trimmer up to a zombie's face to explode it, giving Frank 10PP.


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Dead rising 2 off the record grass trimmer

Dead rising 2 off the record grass trimmer


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