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Gretchen Peregrine is a Dead Rising 2 survivor in the missions Tape It or Die 1 and Tape It or Die 2. She is a trained pharmacist with her own drug store, and is also a skilled gunslinger. She maintains the Tape it or Die blog along with Johnny Pipes, "Left Hand" Lance, and Wallace Hertzog. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

v · d · e The four were live blogging from the Terror is Reality arena when an explosion breached the zombie enclosure. They were all seperated, but they eventually were reunited and took shelter in an old TV production studio in a backroom behind KokoNutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall.[1][2][3]

Tape It Or Die 1 & Tape It Or Die 2[]

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Gretchen Peregrine and friends sought refuge in a studio below one of the stores, however the door to the backroom that they are hiding in will remain locked until 6am to 12pm of the third day. Chuck finds all the four members in this backroom and tries to get them to follow him to the Safe House, but they refuse claiming that they are already safe and have access to supplies. But Wallace asks Chuck to bring him a Cement Saw and a stack of plates in order to build a new weapon. Should Chuck help finding the items and giving them back to Wallace, he will be rewarded with a Plate Launcher and its Combo Card, which finishes Tape It or Die 1

A day later Stacey will call Chuck about four survivors surrounded by zombies in KokoNutz Sports Town. The Tape it or Die crew is in need of assistance. Once there, Chuck helps them fend off the zombies then learns that while they were looking for an Extinguisher, Johnny forgot the keys inside the backroom. Now with no safe place left to go, the four survivors follow Chuck back to the Safe House. Once there Lance will give Chuck the Blazing Aces Combo Card while Wallace gives the Exsanguinator Combo Card.

Tape it or Die Posts[]

The following is a summary of Gretchen's relevant blog posts on Tape it or Die. For the detailed transcript of each blog post, see Tape it or Die/Blog Posts. To see the posts, click "show".

Gretchen's Epiphany[]

After the breach Gretchen began to question Phenotrans, the company that manufactures Zombrex and her own role in selling this drug as a pharmacist, in a blog she wrote:

I've given it more thought. Zombrex is a problem. I'm pretty sure there's no cure because they don't want there to be a cure. It makes logical and financial sense. Let's just go through a short thought experiment. A 25-year-old man is bitten by a zombie. Let's just say he leads a life where he would live to be 75. He needs to take Zombrex every day in order to prevent conversion. At the moment, the absolute cheapest I've ever seen Zombrex offered at was $300 a dose, and that was from exceptionally shady dealers.

So, work that out.

50 years x 365.25 days/year x 1 dose/day x $200/dose = $5,478,750

Five-and-a-half million dollars. That's how much that man is worth to Phenotrans. Let's ignore the fact that the average lifetime income for someone with a professional degree is around $4.4 million (only $1.2 for a high school . Let's ignore the fact that this man would probably not have enough to continually pay, and would thus turn/die alone and penniless. Let's ignore all that and ask:

How much would they charge for a cure?

CURE was right. Zombrex makes me sick. If I see an advertisement for it, I'm going to wreck it. A small means of protest, but a valid one. I encourage everyone else to do the same. I don't encourage unrestrained vandalism, I think we need to show Phenotrans that not being a cure is not good enough.[4]




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