"You think this is about fun? HUH? You think this is about SPORTSMANSHIP??!"
—Grim Gobbler, to his followers
Grim Gobbler DR4

The Grim Gobbler is a Maniac in Dead Rising 4. He's a deranged high school sports mascot in a turkey costume.

Frank encounters him when he goes to investigate the Willamette Junior High School, and stumbles upon him holding a sort of rally with several football players. The Grim Gobbler notices Frank, and sicks his followers on him. He fights with an Equalizer. After he is killed, he will drop a Football Bomb.

Trivia Edit

  • The Grim Gobbler's dialogue implies that he might be the football team's coach. If so, it seems they had a losing streak prior to the outbreak.
    • Despite this, the fighting turkeys seem to be a Jr. High School football team, yet the team he leads are clearly in their mid 20's to early 30's.
  • On this note, he is the only maniac who actively voices displeasure with his followers.
  • His followers are among the most under-prepared enemies in the entire franchise, as the only ones to use weapons are the two with dumbbells. Another follower will throw footballs, and the last follower uses no weapon at all. 
    • The final update changes this, having the followers capable of using Hail Mary after Hail Mary. This now makes them among the most dangerous groups that Frank will fight.
  • The Grim Gobbler is considered the easiest of the Maniacs, as his AI has trouble moving through the bunks the gym has set up and his weapon has no elemental effects along with very short range.
  • The Gobbler seems to be a parody of Jock-archetypes:
    • He's apparently a serial bully, as in his own words "I'VE BEEN BEATING UP LITTLE SHITS LIKE YOU SINCE KINDERGARTEN!"
    • He's more concerned with losing the fight rather than the idea he's about to die.
    • He does not choose proper weapons for either himself or his followers, suggesting arrogance in his own abilities and overestimation of the abilities of his followers.
  • Paula describes The Gobbler and his team as "some sort of secret society." While at first being a joke, there's actually some merit to it. First of all, they're the only maniacs who haven't been known to attack or harass survivors, and they only attack Frank because he enters their gym. Plus, they conveniently spawn at the same time the Rain Coat Cult do.
  • Frank can find the Grim Gobbler's Outfit. In fact, he can put it on in the dark closet at the school's back end. The nearby Emergency Shelter also has it for sale.
  • Apparently, Frank hates organized sports.
  • Grim Gobbler's theme is the theme used for one of the Challenges in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record , labeled Action.


Credit to Xbox Live user GOSEIRED for high quality screenshot.

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