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Hamburger Fiefdom (Dead Rising 4)
Location Medieval Town, Willamette Memorial Megaplex
"Credited with starting a fast food renaissance, Hamburger Fiefdom will leave you full and satisfied."
—Map Description

Hamburger Fiefdom is a location in Dead Rising 4.

A hamburger restaurant located in the Medieval Town section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. There is a large supply of food and a few different bladed weapons for Frank. There is also a key for the locker at Baron Von Brathaus Restaurant & Deli on one of the tables here.

The restaurant sits below the giant castle that's built on top of it, which also happens to be the center piece of Medieval Town. By climbing the scaffolding around Medieval Town, it's possible to get to the rooftop of the castle. An Exo Suit with a vacuum upgrade can be found on the roof.





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