Location Ingleton
PP 5,000

Han is a victim in Dead Rising 3.

He is one of the soldiers that was apart of Adam Kane's unit during Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle. He has become infected, and is shambling around the back alley of the Lee-Amies Estates. After he's been killed, Kane can retrieve his dog tag for 5,000 PP.

Retrieving the dog tags of all twelve deceased soldiers will unlock the Rest in Peace achievement.


  • While Kane generally seems to hold the members of his unit in high regard, he calls Han "a piece of shit" upon finding him infected. This may mean that the two disliked or disagreed with one another. It can be noted, however, that Kane expresses that he doesn't feel as if Han should have ended up infected, which implies that Kane at least respected Han enough to want to preserve his (Han)'s life had Han not died and reanimated.
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