Handle With Care
Handle With Care.png
Location Behind Uncle Bill's Department Store
Start Time 4:00 pm
Expires 7:00 pm
Survivor(s) Archie Eaton
Jason Wong
PP 1,500 (Join)
3,500 (Escort)
"Heya, Chuck. I spotted two young hooligans behind the department store. One looks like he is using a broken bike part as a weapon. You can find those punks behind the department store."
Bob Blackrock

Handle With Care is a mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and part of Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts.

This mission involves a pair of bikers fighting off zombies. One of the bikers wields the handle bars that Chuck needs for the motorbike.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After Bob informs Chuck about the bikers behind the department store, Chuck makes his way through the zombie-filled streets to find two men in black armor-like outfits fending off zombies in the parking lot, behind a hastily-made barricade made of benches. Chuck notices Jason Wong is using a set of Handle Bars as a weapon. Chuck helps thin out the zombies so he can speak with Jason, requesting the handle bars. Jason says he will not exchange his weapon for anything else save for a broadsword from Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.

Once making the exchange both Jason Wong and Archie Eaton will permit Chuck to take them back to the Brockett Gas Station.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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