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"Heya, Chuck. I spotted two young hooligans behind the department store. One looks like he is using a broken bike part as a weapon. You can find those punks behind the department store."
Bob Blackrock

Handle With Care is a mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and part of Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts.

This mission involves a pair of bikers fighting off zombies. One of the bikers wields the handle bars that Chuck needs for the motorbike.


After Bob informs Chuck about the bikers behind the department store, Chuck makes his way through the zombie-filled streets to find two men in black armor-like outfits fending off zombies in the parking lot, behind a hastily-made barricade made of benches. Chuck notices Jason Wong is using a set of Handle Bars as a weapon. Chuck helps thin out the zombies so he can speak with Jason, requesting the handle bars. Jason says he will not exchange his weapon for anything else save for a broadsword from Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.

Once making the exchange both Jason Wong and Archie Eaton will permit Chuck to take them back to the Brockett Gas Station.



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