Hanging by a Thread
Location Wonderland Plaza
Start Time Time iconSeptember 20th, 1pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 21st, 12am
Survivors Sally Mills
Nick Evans
PP 20,000 (Join)

40,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"There's a couple hangin' from the rabbit in Wonderland Plaza! If you don't hurry they're gonna become zombie food!"
Otis Washington, Chop Till You Drop

Hanging by a Thread is an unmarked scoop in Dead Rising and a named scoop in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place in Wonderland Plaza in the afternoon of the second day. It involves Nick Evans and Sally Mills, who are dangling from a giant inflatable rabbit in an attempt to get away from the attacking zombies below.


Frank arrives in Wonderland Plaza in the afternoon of the second day to find two survivors, Nick Evans and a Sally Mills desperately clinging onto the paws of an enormous inflatable Willamette bunny in between the Lovely Fashion House and Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics. They begin to yell for help as Frank approaches. A huge zombie horde has gathered below them. To save the survivors, Frank should kill all of the zombies in between the fence and the rabbit, then throw a fairly weak object at the survivors to make them fall, such as the hunk of meat among the newly killed zombies. Once they fall a brief conversation will ensue, and they will join Frank.


Sally and Nick's comments
Dead rising nick
Sally: Help!

Nick: Head's up!

Sally falls

Sally: AAAAaaaagh!

Frank: Can you walk?

Sally: I'm fine. It's nothing.

Nick falls

Nick: Waaaaaah!

Frank: Nice dive pal. You hurt?

Nick: I'm alright. Take me with you![1]


  • A Photo Op is available when Sally and Nick are dangling from the rabbit. Taking a photo of them before knocking them down will award Frank up to 10,000 PP.
  • Both Nick and Sally are wearing matching purple Ratman t-shirts.



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