Survivor Hank
Location Los Perdidos Bridge

Hank is an unsavable survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He is found near his broken down RV on the Los Perdidos Bridge during the side mission Let's Blow This Town in Chapter 3.

Let's Blow This TownEdit

Hank will request that Nick bring him an acetylene tank and a propane tank. Afterwards, he'll requests that Nick brings him a gasoline canister.

Once Hank has the three items, he will combine them, only to produce some very explosive results. His RV will blow up, killing him in the explosion.


  • Hank is a rare case when it comes to a victim's death, as most victims die at the hands of zombies or psychopaths; Hank merely blows himself up.
  • Hank looks and dresses very similarly to Larry the Cable Guy.
  • Hank's name and his interest in propane could be a reference to the character, Hank Hill of the animated sitcom, King of the Hill.
  • Hank seems to be a bit racist, as he tells Nick that he has "more experience with engines than Nick has had government-handouts", due to Nick being Hispanic.
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