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"Spirit of universe has slaughtered my happiness and so I must slaughter too. All who disrupt my garden of peace shall die!"
—Zhi, before he fights Nick

Harry "Zhi" Wong is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. He is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Zhi's sin is Wrath.[2]

According to Josh Bridge, Capcom Vancouver's Executive Producer, Zhi was a man who felt horribly belittled by life & family in general. The pressures of being fired, his wife divorcing and leaving him for a refrigerator salesman and the constant disrespect from his own children caused Zhi to accumulate pent-up rage. He sees the outbreak as time to spend on his own to groom his Zen Garden and for some "peace and quiet".[3]

He takes on the appearance of a monk, trying to live a life of peace and tranquility. When Nick comes upon him Zhi at first greets him cordially, but after a zombie disturbs his tranquility, Zhi immediately attacks. He is the first psychopath the player can encounter.

Garden of Peace[]

Main article: Garden of Peace

Nick Ramos enters the Zen Garden and encounters Zhi meditating on top of a gazebo. He welcomes Nick and tells him to find sanctuary in the garden. Nick expresses his concern seeing all the bodies, believing them to be zombies. Zhi explains to Nick that he murdered the survivors in the area because they disrupted his peace, and he even goes so far as to spit on one of the corpses to prove his point. Nick realizes what had happened and shouts at Zhi that he has no right to kill anyone. A zombie then walks into a gong, immediately angering Zhi. He attacks Nick with a smoke bomb and jumps onto the ground, promising that Nick shall perish like the others who had disturbed him.

After Zhi is defeated, he begins to talk about his miserable life: He lost his previous job, his wife divorced him and remarried to "a guy who sales refrigerators", his children grew up to be "disrespectful brats", all before he saw a zombie outbreak. He curses the gods for forsaking him, and then while laughing in an insane manner, decapitates himself before Nick could stop him.

The Wrathful achievement will unlock after he is defeated.

Battle Style[]

  • Despite being the first psychopath the player can encounter in the game, Zhi is the fastest one and also extremely agile. He is particularly harder to defeat at close combat.
  • Often in the fight, he occasionally will throw smoke bombs and bombs during in the battle.
  • Sometimes, Zhi will throw a smoke bomb and disappeared, he can be found onto a podium to meditate, during which he restores his health. Nick will have to either shoot him or throw a weapon at him.
  • Zhi's weakness lies within the gongs and vases. Hitting or breaking them will cause him to become angry, leaving him vulnerable then press Ybutton + B buttonto a grab punch him repeatedly. However, Zhi must be close enough before you hit the gongs or vases.
  • Zhi's attacks will do anywhere from 25 to 50 damage.[4]
  • At about 50% health, Zhi will become more aggressive, all of his attacks will much faster and frequently.
  • You can taunt him by saying "Calm down" when connected to the Kinect.


  • Zhi seems to hate loud noises, as he immediately turns hostile when a zombie walks into a gong. This possibly means that he has misophonia.
  • His design is themed after Wuxia movies.
  • He is the only Psychopath who is a trained martial artist.
  • Zhi's death carries a similarity to the death of Crystal/Amber Bailey from Dead Rising 2. Both Zhi and the twins committed suicide using an exotic bladed weapon, while Nick and Chuck tried to stop them from doing it.
  • Zhi is a only Psychopath that restore his health by besides eating foods.
  • Oddly, despite supposedly being Chinese, he speaks Japanese, as shown in one of his lines, "Ikari koso, washi no seigida!" which roughly translates into, "Anger is my justice!"
    • Zhi also seems to wear Geta, a form of traditional Japanese sandals.
    • Coincidentally, his voice actor is Japanese, which also explains why he speaks with a Japanese accent.
    • Considering that he speaks with a Japanese accent and says some Japanese words despite being Chinese, Zhi could be mixed Chinese-Japanese descent.
  • Despite his age, he is among the most agile psychopaths in the series as he is able to jump onto podiums with very little difficulty.
  • He used to be the manager of a store, which much similar Steven Chapman from Dead Rising.
  • Zhi has similarities to Sean Keanan from Dead Rising: both are old, but agile opponents, who wield a one-of-a-kind, bladed weapon. In some ways he has similarities to Adam the Clown from Dead Rising: both have very powerful melee weapons, they could jump very high, and they laugh insanely as they die by their own weapons.
  • During the battle, he may speak in haiku.
  • His personality may share a similarity to Buddhist Monkey from the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow! Both try to live peacefully in their gardens until someone disrupts and incites them into a violent rage. Both have small paintings on their heads and both grieve over their losses of something that is meaningful to them. The only difference is that Buddhist Monkey is on the side of good, whilst Zhi is on the side of evil.
  • His comments involving tigers and the yin yang tattoo on his forehead are in reference to the tiger and the dragon from the Yin Yang philosophy.
  • He shares a surname with Jason Wong, a survivor from Case Zero.
  • Like the other 7 Deadly Sins psychopaths, his death is a result of his sin as he just gets angrier at the world and commits suicide out of anger.
  • Given his overreaction of anger and or annoyance along with his embodiment, it can be assumed that he has a disorder called Intermittent Explosive Disorder which is a disorder where the person overreacts to certain events resulting in property damage and violence.



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