Hella Copter
DR 08 Hella Copter
Description Successfully repel a helicopter.
Item Unlocked Special Forces Uniform
Point Value 20G
Dead Rising
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Hella Copter is an achievement in Dead Rising.

The achievement is unlocked by shooting down the Special Forces helicopter patrolling Leisure Park during 72 Hour Mode and Overtime Mode.

Unlocking this achievement will give Frank the Special Forces Uniform which is available to wear in the Security Room.


  • Stand on top of the picnic shelter in Leisure Park and shoot at the tail rotor of the helicopter as it approaches with a machinegun.
  • The pilot of the helicopter can be shot through the front window. Shoot at the front window with a sniper rifle as the helicopter flies towards you. Standing on top of the picnic table will give you a good vantage point.
  • If you possess the Real Mega Buster, stand atop the picnic shelter and shoot multiple times directly above Frank when the helicopter prepares to fire and swoop at you.When it goes over, it will bound to be hit by the shots. If not, attempt again but keep firing.


  • When done successfully, the helicopter will catch fire and will fly away into the distance.
  • Bringing down the helicopter is worth 10,000 PP.


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